This Woman Implemented the Selfie Diet to Slim Down and Tone Up

Selfie talk is at an all-time high. We fill up our social media profiles with them, and we can't help but poke fun yet end up buying that nifty selfie stick. But one woman used her selfie game for more than just a cool photo opportunity. Say hello to the 'selfie diet,' employed by 37-year-old Kara Buttery to drop unwanted pounds, who said she wanted to get in shape for the renewal of her vows after being married for 10 years. Using this diet, Buttery was able to lose about 84lb in 193 days, bringing her from a size 20 to a size 10. selfie diet For her weight loss journey, Buttery opted for veggies, fish and chicken over carb-heavy meals, and gave up sugar. For exercise, she picked up running. At the end of every month, she would make sure to take a selfie in the same outfit she was dressed in when she began her journey. If you're intrigued by this woman's tactics, try it out yourself, and look into other weight loss tricks, such as keeping a food journal, weighing yourself every day, buying an outfit that is just a bit too small to motivate you to fit into it, or standing in front of the mirror with something like a crop top on, that will show your fat rather than hide it, and ensure you understand the reality of your body. What do you think of Buttery's weight loss journey and the additional tips provided? Source: Z Living  

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