This Woman Packed on Pounds to Become a Plus-Size Model, and Says She Loves Being Curvy

With the new approach the modeling industry has taken in recent years to broaden its idea of what one should look like to fit the mould, its stories of rejection regarding size that seem taboo now. However, Tiffany Newson, a 24-year-old size 10 model was, indeed, rejected for being too big. Casting agents urged her to lose weight. Her response was not what you might expect. This woman gained weight to become a plus-size model. Rather than taking their advice and slimming down, Tiffany decided to gain weight and become a plus-size model. "I was under so much pressure to get thinner and don't want other women to feel like that, she said. "You can be big and sexy, I'm living proof." This woman gained weight to become a plus-size model. Tiffany recalls the harsh comments that came her way while she was auditioning."Casting agents told me I had a good face but my body was too big. They advised me to drop to a size 6, even though I'd have been skin and bones. I feel so much more womanly now. I've got boobs and a bum and love being curvy like Kelly Brook." She admits that though she's naturally a very strong person, the remarks eventually got to her. "I became obsessed with calorie-counting. I started having smaller portions at dinner too. When my mum questioned me, I just made out I wanted to be healthier. I stopped going to castings because I wanted to get thinner." Tiffany's mother, Tina Newson, 53, was sick of watching the industry crush her daughter, so she took a stand. "She encouraged me to go to a hair model casting in the summer of 2011 and when I got the part, it shook me out of it. I realised they'd picked me for me and there was no point trying to be teeny-weeny when I wasn't. I was sensible after that and got back to eating properly." "I kept going despite the weight jibes. I just had to prove to them — and myself — that I could do it. I was going to castings every week, but getting turned down nearly every time. I felt so low. It didn't help my then boyfriend was always telling me what to eat. He was constantly judging me, saying I had too much food on my plate and I'd get fat." This woman gained weight to become a plus-size model. Eventually she split from her boyfriend. "I thought I'd never be good enough for anyone — the agents or a man. I hated that and realised I'd spent so long trying to please other people, but I'd been happiest when I wasn't watching what I ate. I'd heard of plus-size models, but was in purgatory. I was too big to be a 'straight' model and too small to be plus-size. So I just embraced what was natural." She decided it was time to live the life she wanted. "I went to dance classes once a week and worked in a pub carvery. I'd graze on cauliflower cheese and when my shift ended load up a plate with roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and gravy." Tiffany eventually found herself at a size 14. "I felt confident. When I looked in the mirror I saw curves. I loved that I now really filled out my bodycon dresses." This woman gained weight to become a plus-size model. "I  was eating what I liked and loved my new size, so thought, 'Why not go bigger?' Reading up on plus-size auditions, I thought I'd have a better chance if I was larger. So I was chomping on cake and soon fitted into a size 16 to 18. I vowed to never slim again," Tiffany said. This woman gained weight to become a plus-size model. Tiffany's career has taken off since gaining the weight. "I was picked to appear nationwide in ads for Harry Potter studios and made it to the final 20 of Ms Curvaceous, a competition for plus-size models."

She says she makes it a priority to stay healthy by going to dance classes and the gym on a regular basis. "I need to be healthy to look good for castings."

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Interesting and I would like to see pictures of you, You sound sexy,

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