This Woman Stopped Texting For A Week And Learned More Than You Could Imagine

How many phone calls have you made with your cell this week? The answer for most of us will be next to none. When you consider that a large number of the world's population possesses cell phones, this is a strange detail. Curious about whether or not this was do to laziness or habit, Zoe Munsey, decided to give up texting for a week.  Right off the bat, Munsey found her decision difficult. She says, "Texting has become so second nature to me that the idea of taking it out of my life was already causing me to stress out. But, I admire a challenge and in the hopes of helping others kick their texting only habit I decided to sacrifice my own sanity for the time being." During the course of her text-free week, this is what Munsey says she learned: 1. I got over my fear of “the phone call.” Fun Fact: I hate talking on the phone. I find it time consuming and anxiety inducing and avoid it at all costs. I realized that I found myself apologizing for calling with something along the lines of “sorry im calling my phone is broken so its hard to text and this was easier and….” It was as if I somehow thought that taking my call was an inconvenciene for the other person. Why was I so worried? If someone didn’t want to take my call, then they just wouldn’t answer– case closed. In reality my friends are cool people who genuinely like me (most days) and were not unhappy to talk to me. Realizing both of these things made the whole process a lot easier, and has made it a lot less stressful for me to dial the phone now. [bctt tweet="Do your thumbs start to twitch at the idea of a text-free week?"] 2. I might be too dependent on texting. Okay to be honest, I forgot A LOT. The first day I started this challenge I was texting one of my friends for ten minutes before I even realized what I was doing. Even during the week I would text without even giving it a second thought. It really made me aware of how much I rely on texting to communicate. I immediately told myself I would be better before forgetting and sending a text an hour later. I told you I was dependent. FEATURED-texting 3. Texting isn’t totally useless. When it became my only option I noticed how inconvenient calling is. There were plenty of times I looked at a text from someone asking me a question, promised myself I would call this person later, and then forgot. This was especially difficult with my friends and I having various class/life schedules. In a way it was hard to stay connected because sometimes people are just unavailable to talk on the phone. This became especially painful when trying to respond to a group text, which we all already know are the worst. 4. Catching up is much better over the phone. Okay so maybe it was hard to give people quick convenient answers but I found that calling people who had texted me was so much more rewarding. When one of my friends from home had a simple question I sat down to call her and ended up having a 30-minute conversation. It’s so nice to catch up with friends and I didn’t realize how I was basically faking it by limiting myself to texting. Although I thought I was keeping in contact with my friends back home I forgot how much better it is to actually hear their voice. While Munsey says she won't be giving up texting for good, she will be making an effort to place more phone calls to her friends and family -- especially now that she's gone away to college. "Although we were staying in touch it was so much better to take a step back from my day and focus on our conversation," she says. "Making the call not only made me feel closer to them, but it made my entire day." Now, she wants to turn the challenge over to you! Munsey says that not being able to text forced her to stay in the present moment. Even if you can't give up texting for a full week, she says, "at least make the effort to call your friends and family every once and awhile." While texting is a great way to communicate quickly and with little effort, it clearly takes a real conversation to connect you. Do you think you could give up texting for a week? Source: LEVO [caption id="attachment_117776" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_117775" align="alignleft" width="100"]instagram @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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