This Woman Was Inspired By Her Grandfather's Wishes to Lose Weight and Be Happy

After the death of her grandfather, an obese 26-year-old woman spent the following week grieving by binge drinking. But she quickly turned a corner, making the decision to lose 131lbs, as it was her late grandfather's biggest wish for her to be healthy and happy. Tiffany Neves of San Antonio, Texas weighed in at 288lbs when she first began her weight loss journey, but now, the 5'8'' woman weighs 157lbs, and admits that she has never been happier. "Above all, my mental and emotional well-being has changed the most." weight loss Before he had died, Neves grandfather had worked tirelessly to implement health into her life, even offering to pay her for every pound she lost. Not because he wanted her to look a certain way to fit into societal standards, but because being healthy and happy is important, and he knew his granddaughter was neither of those things. "Time isn’t on our side, I realized,' she explained. 'He passed away without seeing me healthy and happy. I needed to change that, now for myself. So when my friend started a weight-loss competition, I hit the ground running." weight loss She also feels a sense of relief from shedding pounds. "Since I have lost most of my weight, I feel free! I have never seen the world as I see it now - there are beautiful things and people everywhere," she said. "There are so many opportunities and things to be done." Of course her weight loss journey didn't come with its set of problems. "There have been some days when working out seemed worse than getting run over by an 18-wheeler. Whenever that happens, I pull out my old, bigger clothes and put them on. Or I take a selfie and set it next to an old one of me." What do you think of this weight loss success story? Source: Daily Mail  

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