This Woman Was Photoshopped To Meet 18 Different Beauty Standards

What we perceive as idealistic beauty has changed over the centuries, and is still varied from country to country. This one woman, who possesses an average body type, had her image digitally mastered into what's considered "the ideal woman" by 18 different graphic designers from around the world. "The goal of this project is to better understand potentially unrealistic standards of beauty and to see how such pressures vary around the world." explains the creator of this project. Every detail from waist size, to hair and shoe colour is edited to fit into each cultural standard. Check out this fascinating photo collection for yourself. The results will shock you! average woman beauty standards body image curves self esteem positive acceptance confidence toned fitness thin waist empowerment culture photoshop   self love before and after   fitness health cultural beauty skinny thin abs model What are your thoughts? Do you agree with these representations of various beauty 'ideals'? Source: Cosmopolitan  

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