This Year Your New Years Resolution Is...

We all have our own goals, our own journeys, our own challenges. It's so easy to forget that. It's too easy to look at the person next to us and assess them based on our own personal benchmarks. As New Years fast approaches, we are making those silent promises to ourselves once again. "This year I will...." "This year I won't..." inpost4 How about this...this year lets all promise ourselves two things. To acknowledge the fact we don't need a new year for a new start. We all struggle, we all fall off. This year, promise not to lie to yourself. If you falter, if you struggle, own up to it. You're human, it will happen! Accept it and move on. Don't say next week, next month. No, now. Forget the goal size or the goal weight. Make your number one goal to not quit on yourself. Lets all promise to keep our eyes ahead and focus on ourselves. Lift up the person next to you, absolutely. But focus on yourself and your journey. Don't compare yourselves to each other. We are all on our individual journeys, all walking alone on our own paths. That's what makes fitness so hard - though we are all in this together, only you can do the work for yourself. So let's acknowledge that and use that to drive us forward, not tear each other down. So this year, you do you.

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