Thong Shape Up BodyRock Workout + Bonus Abs, Core & Mixed Sculpt Cool Down.

Hi BodyRockers, People are fond of saying that fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. People also like to say that it's all about genetics or body types. The truth is closer to a percentage that looks something like this: Fitness is 99% psychological. Before you can get started moving your body you have to move your mind. The real fitness breakthrough is in the power of your thoughts. If you are stuck thinking "I can't" then you are probably right. The exercise component of BodyRocking takes 12 minutes a day. Those 12 minutes have changed lives. The only thing stopping them from transforming your life is a thought that you control. Choose to train for a better life. Gift yourself the thought that says "I can." Engage your brain, take responsibility for your life and get BodyRocking! Best, Freddy [wobreakdown] BodyRock Original Workout: There are 2 parts to this workout: Part One: Set your interval timer to 20/10 for 12 rounds & complete the following two exercises back to back completing as many reps as you can. - ( Beginners/intermediates - split these rounds below but split the rounds into 4 x 6 & complete the circuit twice through with a rest in between each two) 1) Jump Mat Push-Ups 2) Push-up & Plank Oblique Toe Touch Reset your interval timer again for 12 rounds of 20/10 again and complete the following two exercises below, push as hard as you can 3) Squat Jump & Clean & Press – Using the pink Sandbag 4) Switch Lunge & Kick Bonus – Ab Workout: Set your interval timer for 3 rounds of 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest & complete the following three exercises. 1) Plank Toe Floor Touch – Using the Ugi Ball 2) Reverse Curl Rolls & Stand 3) Plank Toe Floor Touch – Using the Ugi Ball Bonus – Core & Mix Weighted Sculpt Cool Down: Complete the following exercises below. Ideally you should be doing either between 8-10 repetitions or 10-15 repetitions. Make sure you don’t compromise your form for repetitions. 1) Clean & Press – Using the pink Sandbag 2) Push-Up, Side Plank & Reach through 3) Side to Side Chest Press – Using the pink Sandbag & the Ugi Ball 4) Bent Over Row – Using the pink Sandbag 5) Goblet Squats – Using the pink Sandbag 6) Left Leg Lunge – Using the pink Sandbag 7) Right Leg Lunge – Using the pink Sandbag Today’s Diet Challenge: Todays Diet Challenge is on how to eat 5 times a day & can be found on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click Here This Weeks Programme looks like this: Click Here to download the timetable. Facebook: We will be checking in with you guys every day on our Facebook pages, so make sure you come over and say hello & share your ideas, diet plans and workout scores. For Lisa’s Facebook page click here, Sean’s Facebook page click here, Freddy’s Facebook page: click here

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