Three Cauliflower Recipes You Have to Try

Cauliflower is currently trending, and there's a reason why. Aside from the fact that perhaps we're all getting a bit burnt out on avo toast, we're also trying to be mindful that there are a plethora of other foods that deserve our attention for their incredible health benefits and yummy taste. This vegetable is one of them. Packed with Vitamin C, cauliflower also fights inflammation, helps the body detox and is full of antioxidants. But if your memories of eating cauliflower consist of your parents steaming them and tossing them on your plate never to be touched, then you ought to check out these three recipes.
  1. Switch your potatoes for cauliflower.
cauliflower 2. Try out cauliflower soup. cauliflower 3. Give quinoa a break with this recipe. cauliflower Have you tried any of these recipes? Source: Elite Daily

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