Thug Kitchen Cookbook

I absolutely LOVE the blog Thug Kitchen – it is the most ridiculous, hilarious, and profane way to appreciate good food. thugkitchen So, I am super excited about co-creators Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway’s cookbook, Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give A F*ck, which was just released. Here’s the official trailer (warning, explicit): This trailer probably demonstrates exactly what I love about the blog – it’s the perfect juxtaposition of healthy-living advice and bad-assery. thugkitchenwater   Davis and Holloway, until recently anonymous, have taken some flack over using the term “thug”, which could be construed as derogatory, (because they’re both white) but I think people just need to get their knickers untwisted, because the blog is AMAZING. I think “thug” isn’t supposed to refer to race, it refers to a lifestyle, a lifestyle that involves being real about food, and making delicious plant-based recipes with flair. thugkitcheneatasaladnachos   thug-kitchen-avacado

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