Tia Blanco, Vegan Surfer Chick

We talk a lot about models and celebrities’ secrets to staying fit, so instead of another feature on Miranda Kerr, here’s the lowdown on a slightly lower profile lady, but pretty kick-ass athlete, Tia Blanco – 17 year old Reef Ambassador and member of the Surfing America Team. Tia Blanco opened up to Well&Good about her surfer vegan lifestyle, sharing funny misconceptions about surfers, how she stays fit, and her reasons behind going vegan. The funniest surfing misconception that she hears is people’s fear of sharks – Blanco says, “Sharks are in the ocean, just like bears are in the woods. The chances of being attacked aren’t that likely.” The other misconception would be that surfing gives you “man shoulders” which Tia is not worried about, she loves her strong shoulders. She does surfing training 3-5 times in the week, sees a personal trainer Tuesdays and Thursdays for core, endurance, and flexibility, and she also runs and does yoga. Yeah, I’d be proud of my strong shoulders too… and the rest of my rocking bod if I worked that hard on it. Tia-Blanco-1 Most people might think she wouldn’t get enough “fuel” in her vegan diet for her intense surfing routine, but this quinoa fiend seems pretty well-read on how to properly maintain a vegan regimen. Her go-to juice is a mix of banana, kale, chard, cacao, flax seeds, broccoli, frozen mango, berries, and coconut water. If the incredible workout routine and clean eating weren’t enough to make this young lady gorgeous, her beauty secret is coconut and jojoba oil for her hair and skin. A clean eating down to earth female athlete, Tia Blanco is one to watch. Tia-Blanco-3    

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