Tight Abs & Spankin Booty Workout

Its time to tighten that tummy & lift that booty with these 6 quick equalizer exercises.  Screen_Shot_2014-10-30_at_8.25.28_PM_1024x1024-2

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Mountain Climbers - 20 reps

Equa-LegWorkout (1 of 21) Equa-LegWorkout (3 of 21) Place hands on the equalizer. Without changing your posture, raise your right knee towards your chest. Pause and return back to plank position. Repeat on opposite leg. Control the speed of your mountain climbers and ensure your core is engaged.

Plank Jump- 20 reps

Equa-LegWorkout (4 of 21)Equa-LegWorkout (6 of 21)Equa-LegWorkout (5 of 21) This exercise will work your entire body & your endurance! Begin in a plank position with your hands placed on your equalizer. Bend your knees, push off your toes and jump your feet to the inside of the equalizer. You will be positioned into a low squat position. From there, jump back into your plank position with your core engaged.

Stationary Leg Lunge - 20 reps

Equa-LegWorkout (7 of 21)Equa-LegWorkout (8 of 21) Begin holding equalizer infront of you. This exercise is great for the legs including both the quads and hamstrings.

Squat Hold- Aim for 1 minute !Equa-LegWorkout (9 of 21)

You will defiantly feel this exercise! You are going to hold your squat position for as long as you can ! I challenge you to hold it for 1 minute.

Doggy Hydrants- 20 reps Equa-LegWorkout (13 of 21)Equa-LegWorkout (15 of 21)Equa-LegWorkout (16 of 21)

Tighten your core and raise your thigh out to the left side of you body keeping your knee bent. Straighten out your leg by kicking it out to the side. Retract the leg back in and return to starting position. This exercise targets your glutes! After 20 reps repeat on opposite leg.

45 Degree Leg Lifts- 20 repsEqua-LegWorkout (20 of 21)

Equa-LegWorkout (21 of 21) Extend leg straight out to the side. Without allowing foot to touch the ground, slowly pulse leg up and back to starting position. The varied angle on this leg lift tackles the glute muscles in a great way. This is perfect for shaping the glutes, helping you get a nice round booty. Repeat on opposite leg after 20 pulses have been completed!

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