Tighten & Tone Balance Trainer Workout

Want more of a challenge this week? This total body workout will force you to use your core to stay stabilized on the Balance Trainer while improving your strength & balance. All you need is yourself & a BodyRock Balance Trainer.. Now lets get started!

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Balance Trainer Toe Taps x50 untitled-66 (1) untitled-67 These toe taps are a great cardio exercise to get your heart rate going. Start with your right foot placed in the middle of the Balance Trainer. Jump and switch feet as fast as you can continuously. Complete 50 toe taps for each foot.   Charleston Leg Kicks x15 (each side) untitled-70 untitled-69untitled-71 A Charleston kick on the Balance Trainer is a great cardio exercise that will work your hamstrings & quads. Begin with one foot placed in the middle of the Balance Trainer. Bring your knee up & kick out with a flexed foot. Place foot back on the floor and reach your other foot back into runners lunge behind you.  Keep your core engaged to help stay stabilized !   Bosu Ball Burpee x15 untitled-72 untitled-73 untitled-74 untitled-75 Begin holding Balance Trainer in front of your chest.  Lift the Balance Trainer overhead engaging your core to prevent you from arching your back.  Place the Balance Trainer on the floor in front of you coming into a deep squat as your place the ball side of the Balance Trainer on the ground and your hands flat on the Balance Trainer. Jump or walk your legs back to a plank position.   Jump Squat On & Off Balance Trainer x15 untitled-76 untitled-77 Stand on the Balance Trainer with feet spaced evenly. Bend your knees and squat, as though you're sitting back in a chair. Then jump up as high as you can and land with soft knees, lowering back into a squat.   Plank with Toe Taps x15 (each side) untitled-78-Edit untitled-79-Edit untitled-80-Edit Start in a solid plank position with your feet placed on top of the Balance Trainer. Keep your back flat and your shoulders over top of your elbows as you alternate between toe taps.   Crunches x25 untitled-81 untitled-82-Edit As you exhale, slowly lift your upper body to an upright position, focusing on engaging the muscles in your core. Slowly lower yourself back down to the original position.   Elbow to Knee Ab Twist x15 (each side) untitled-83-Edit untitled-84 This exercise will challenge your abdominals ! Begin laying on top of the Balance Trainer with one foot placed flat on the floor and the other leg extended. Lift and twist your torso, so the opposite elbow meets the opposing knee. Complete 15 twists on one side then switch to the other side.   Tricep Dips x25 untitled-85 untitled-86 Place hands on top of the Balance Trainer with feet flat on the floor. Bend your knees and lower your body until your rear is almost touching the ground. Then use your triceps to lift your body back up until your arms are almost straight.   One Arm on Balance Trainer Push-ups x15 (each side) untitled-88-Edit untitled-91-Edit This push-up exercise will work different arm, chest and shoulder muscles. For this Balance Trainer push you are going to put one hand on the floor and one hand placed on the Balance Trainer. Complete a full push-up making sure your neck is in line with your the back. We hope that you enjoy this workout! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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