Is it Time to Ditch our Bras?

No this isn't the 60s and the 'Free the Breasts Movement.'  Its the new research coming out of the University of Besançon, in France, and headed by Professor Rouillon.  The public ditching of bras has become somewhat of a trend recently among Hollywood.  The likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, Kim K, and Kelly Brook have all be photographed walking down the red carpet sans support.

Instead of fueling the common belief that going without a bra will lead to back problems and sagginess the research done by Professor Rouillon suggests that bras could actually add fire to these problems.  The research done over the course of 15 years in France found that not wearing a bra increases the strength of breast tissue and reduces sagging over time.

Although the study was conducted with only a small number of women and the long term effects of going braless are unknown it is encouraging.  However research undertaken by the Center for Talent Innovation has found that those who go braless at work are much less likely to be promoted to executive level positions.  So except for celebrities on the red carpet it doesn't seem like bralessness has reached a very high level of public acceptance as of yet.

But if you're wondering about the effect of high intensity exercise...wear a sports bra.  And a good one.  The ligaments that support the breasts are not elastic and can be irrevocably stretched when they bounce during exercise.  So obviously don't burn your bras just yet ladies.

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