Time for A Change

Boredom is the enemy of fitness, and it's what leads to apathy. If there is one thing that will stop you from getting fit, it's growing bored with your workout routine. For those not seeing progress from their exercise, it's probably time for a change.workout variety I'm the kind of guy that gets bored easily. I hate the monotony of jogging, and I've lost my passion for weightlifting after years of doing it. That's what I decided that it was time to make a change and get in shape by doing martial arts - and it's been a fun years of fitness. Now, though, I need to get over the fitness plateau that I've reached, so it's time for a change in my workout routine. While I still enjoy the martial arts, I can't count on the classes to push me as hard as they once did. After all, I'm in better shape than before, so something that used to leave me exhausted and puffing hard is now a lot easier. So, the secret to my new workout routine for further weight loss: Variety! I still go to my martial arts class 4 days a week, but I've thrown more exercise into the mix as well.

Monday and Thursday: Running/Core Days -- Two days a week, I head out for a run, and I use the Run-Jog-Walk exercise I blogged about last week to help make it a bit more exciting than just jogging. When I come home from the jog, it's time for a 20-minute core workout to blast my abs, back (preventing back pains), and sides.runner2

Tuesday and Friday: Weights -- In my martial arts, I need a bit more power in my kicks and punches, and I need more stamina for those grueling exercises where hundreds of punches are thrown. I do endurance training (low weight exercises with sets of 20 to 25 reps) with the end goal of giving my muscles more long-term power (I've got the strength down just fine - now I just need the endurance).muscle-hypertrophy-physiology-how-to-lift-weights-maximize-mass_c

Wednesday and Saturday: Legs/Boxing --They say not to forget leg day, and I'm trying to build up my leg power for those tough jumping kicks I've got to learn. Also, a good bout of beating the punching bag in my garage is a fun cardio workout.Lunge-Leg-Workout See, not only do I have fun at my martial arts classes, but I get a variety of exercise at home. Sure, I will get bored with this workout routine, but I can always change it up. With constant change, it's going to be much easier for me to keep up with my progress and avoid the apathy that comes with boredom - the first step towards slowing down with your fitness progress.

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