These Time Saving Tricks Helped Me Lose 75 Pounds While Working 3 Jobs!

Felicia Greenwald is a success story. She managed to find a way to fit her dietary and fitness changes into her crazy busy schedule. She told Women's Health all about her journey. In high school, she was 175 pounds and very active. She put on weight in college. After graduation, more weight gain. She had moved to California and started dating a guy who really liked to eat in restaurants. Before she knew it, she was up to 235 pounds. After she broke up with her beau, Greenwald went on a 4 day hike through the Grand Canyon with her family. By the end, she had lost 10 pounds and decided to try to incorporate some of the elements of that hike into her everyday life. She says, "I stopped drinking soda and started sipping water, cutting back on fast food, preparing my own meals, and exercising at least five days a week." Although she found it difficult to find the time for meal prep, she managed to make it work. She says: "I bought a food processer and juicer and started making veggie-packed juices every morning. For dinner or lunch, I made soups in my food processor and ate one batch throughout the week. To prevent food fatigue, I added in grains and other ingredients to the soup base at every meal. That way it didn't feel like I was eating the same thing every day. After four months, I was down to 182 pounds. The last time I'd weighed that much was in high school!" Not long after, she started her own business and the stress of it began to take its toll, causing her bad habits to reemerge. After struggling for a spell she took the advice of a friend and began a 6 week program that included high intensity interval training classes, a consult with a nutritionist, and a meal plan to follow. It worked so well that she signed up for a second session after the first one was complete. Greenwald says, I've learned that my weight and diet and exercise routine should make me happy—not be something I dread thinking about. That idea has helped me stay motivated to stick with my new habits." Felicia has some tips to help you make big changes too! Work out whenever you can. Even if I just have 10 minutes to work out, I do it. Most of the time, I end up exercising longer than I'd originally planned to. It's helped me stick with my good habits even when I'm feeling lazy. Don't say "diet starts Monday." I used to do this all the time. I would make healthy choices at the beginning of the week and then slowly slide back into my old habits. I learned to stop thinking that eating something unhealthy gave me permission to keep making bad choices. Now, I go back to my healthy ways after every satisfying meal or snack. Don't underestimate yourself. I never thought I would weigh less than I did in high school, but after I hit my goal of 175, I realized that losing weight was easier than I thought. You just have to stick with a healthy routine, and you'll get there. Make the choice to believe in yourself today! You can do it!

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