Time To "Twerk" It to Get in Shape

Everyone's been going crazy about the Miley Cyrus twerking incident at the VMA's, but they've all forgotten one thing: twerking is pretty exhausting! Have you ever tried to twerk? I did, and my legs and glutes got tired within just a few seconds. It's a tiring move, and it's one that you may want to try to get in shape! Miley Cyrus may not be a role model when it comes to how to behave in public, but she certainly knows about staying fit. You can see how slim she is in her latest music video - though, granted, you can see pretty much everything in that video! rs_560x415-130830150852-1024..miley-cyrus-twerk-vma.ls.83013

Twerking for Fitness

Twerking is more than just shaking your booty - it's actually a really good workout:
  • It burns a lot of calories, as you're doing a cardio workout as you dance
  • It works those gluteus maximus muscles - the most important muscles for women to define (IMO!)
  • It gives your legs a great workout, both quads and hamstrings
  • It works your core, as your back and stomach are working with your legs to move your body
If you want to get your core and lower half in shape, you may want to take a page from Miley Cyrus' book.

Crazy Dance Moves to Get Fit

There are some other pretty crazy dance moves to help you get fit: Gangnam Style -- Yes, Korea's favorite superstar unleashes his "prancing pony" dance move - which is surprisingly good for your legs and cardio. Have you ever "Gangnam-styled" your way down even just one block? You'll be breathing heavily, and your legs will be on fire. The good thing is, your dance moves will be on fire too! 2595279-psy-gangnam-style-video-617-409 Jennifer Anniston --­ If you haven't seen the "Friends" star's amazing moves in her latest movie, We're the Millers, you're missing out on a great show. Not only are her moves incredibly seductive, but they showcase the star's fitness. I've never tried pole dancing or pole fitness myself (I'm pretty sure a pole won't hold me), but you know those ladies on the pole are crazy fit - like the woman in this video here… jennifer-aniston-1-600 Shuffling -- Those guys from LMFAO are made-fit if they can actually "shuffle" like that for the full 6 ½ minutes of "Party Rock". That move is crazy tough for your calves, and it gets your upper legs and cardiorespiratory system working as well. If you want to party like a Party Rock-star, you'll get in great shape too! party rock anthem

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