Tips To Avoid Being THAT Person At The Gym

Just like in any social situation, you come across that person. That person at the coffee shop who orders the tremendously long, tremendously nit-picky latte. That person at the grocery store who price checks every item. And that person at the gym who sweats all over the elliptical and doesn't bother wiping it down. Here are tips to avoid being that person in the eyes of others: person at gym Put It Back Don't borrow a yoga mat from the studio and not put back where you found it. Don't move weights around and stash them wherever is convenient. Just do the right thing, and put it back. Wipe It Down  You'd hate if someone sweated all over the treadmill and didn't clean up afterwards, right? So don't pull that move on some unsuspecting person who didn't want to be drenched in stranger perspiration. Also, it breeds germs and bacteria. Suck it up and wipe it down. Ask For Help  Admitting you don't know what you're doing is hard. I've been that person who would rather wobble around on a foreign looking fitness machine than find out how it actually works. Approach a trainer and ask them to guide you through, it's worth it. Turn Down The Tech  Stop blasting your music through your headphones at a volume that the entire building can hear. One selfie is plenty, and you can text your friends after your workout. What are your biggest beefs about people at the gym? Share them with us! Source: Women's Health Mag  


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