Tips for Fast AND Healthy Meal Planning!

As a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert I have spent a LOT of time sitting with clients listening to the multitude of reasons why they feel "forced" to rely on fast and unhealthy foods for themselves and their families. The Number one reason: "TIME"! Coming from a working single Mom, I get it, there is just not enough hours in the day.  But you CAN NOT let that be an excuse not to prioritize YOU and YOUR health! I don't even care if you can barely cook! Healthy doesn't have to be elaborate.!  I can show anyone easy and simple ways to make delicious AND nutritious meals fast!!  In as little as one hour of prep on a Sunday, your oven can be doing all the work for several days worth of meals while you relax with your family and friends! My 6 Top Time Saving Tips are as follows:
  1. Buy chicken/turkey/beef in bulk and add the marinade or spices and herbs prior to freezing.  The real magic here is while the food is defrosting they are marinating at the same time!
  2. Steel cut oatmeal-boil the water the night before and add the oats, take it off the heat, then in the morning it only takes 5min to warm it up on the stove and complete the cooking process. No excuse for high gylcemic instant oatmeal!
  3. Prepare foods that freeze easy and can be made in bulk so you have home-made “frozen meals” i.e. turkey chili, soups, beans or lentil combos with brown rice.
  4. Incorporate fresh herbs and garlic by combining them in the food chopper add a little olive oil and then keep it in the fridge for the week.  This becomes a quick marinade for veggies and meats.
  5. Roast extra veggies in the oven while preparing dinner on a Sunday.  Now they become the filling for a yummy lunchtime wrap, just add some protein.  Also fabulous ingredients for a great omelet or side dish for dinner during the week.
  6. For the early risers or gym goers-smoothies can be made in advance, frozen, then in the morning they can be taken along and a few hours later they are defrosted and the consistency remains the same.
Have some great time saving tips of your own?  Help out the Hiit Community and Share! Ciara Foy  

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