To Press Snooze or Not: What Your Wakeup Habit Says About You

Oh the snooze button. So many of us set our alarms at specific times because we want or NEED to rise and shine at that exact time. Trial and error has informed us that anything less will likely result in a warning from the office. But, others of us set the alarm knowing we have precisely 20 minutes to hit snooze as many times as we'd like before finally falling out of bed and crawling to the shower. Whether or not you hit the snooze button says a lot about how you treat your daily life.But it's much more than just a preference. In fact, those who choose to snooze see the alarm as simply suggestive of when it's time to grind. And the former, the non-snooze, will wake when it dings type of folks, know that life begins when the time we told ourselves we'd get up approaches. So which one are you?

Do you choose to succumb to comfort or fight for productivity?

If you're the type of person who sees sleep as life, then you're probably going to let your morning slip by for a few more minutes by hitting the snooze button. You're not bothered that every 10 minutes, the same situation reoccurs. You're focused on the comfiness of bed and the stillness of rest. Snoozers, however, might be the types who are running behind constantly, slipping into their seats at the office as quiet as a mouse in hopes that no one noticed they were 10 minutes late. And those who forgo the snooze button typically have an immediate spring in their step as they slip into the shower. They'd prefer to fight off that impending morning grogginess and get their blood flowing. Productivity is life for these types. They're at the office early no doubt.  

Do you live for the future or are you focused on the present?

Snoozers are simply in the moment. The future can wait. These people are dreamers and wanderers. But those who are up and at 'em sans snooze see the future as a reflection of NOW. They will skip the snooze to sip on their coffee, get themselves ready to look sharp, and be prepared for a day of hard work. These people are go-getters. [bctt tweet="To Press Snooze or Not: What Your Wakeup Habit Says About You"]

Do you opt for a checklist, or choose to procrastinate?

Snoozers might be losers in the sense that their procrastination leads them no where fast. They choose to sleep in rather than get a few steps ahead. And all they're really doing is putting off the inevitable. Those who don't snooze are typically Type A people who have their days planned and coordinated way ahead of time. And if things don't go as planned? They might suffer from a bout of anxiety.

Do you rush or take your time?

Snoozers might find themselves catching some extra shut-eye, but by the time they arise, they're already late and left to rush. So much for relaxation. These types of people are wildcards. And for those who get up at the sound of their alarm, they're ritualistic. Their morning routine is filled with things that make them feel good as well as organized. They have time for a cup of coffee, time to slowly sift through emails, and mentally prepare themselves for the day ahead of them. These people are planners.

Do you wait for opportunities or do you create them yourself?

Snoozers prefer to let life fall into their hands. Whereas those who don't are paving the path. Some just prefer to be passive and let things work out as they will. They're not worried about what will or won't happen. Everything is as it should be. But for others, productivity is a necessity for making life happen.   So ... do you press snooze? Source: Elite Daily [caption id="attachment_118224" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_118223" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockOfficial @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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