Today's Workout - Full Body Weight Explosion!

What's going on BodyRockers!
Okay today's workout is going to be a full body weight explosion. The main focus of this workout is going to be controlling the weight and full range of motion. Now, the trick to this exercise is I want you to do each exercise until failure. Which means give me 150% for each exercise and each rep until you can't do no more. I always say if you feel like you can do 10 or 12 reps, then you really can do 12 or 15. Go from one exercise to the next until you have completed the entire exercise. Then you can take a 60 second break.
If you don't have The BodyRock Bar, you can substitute it. However, I really recommend this bar. It is pretty cool and it does all the functions you need for a full body workout. I also like this bar for my clients who have wrist and thumb injuries because you can change and alter your grip to help avoid pain in any injured fingers or joints.
Okay today's workout is going to be three full rounds... UNTIL FAILURE! We're going to start off like this. Exercise 1: Hammer curls Exercise 2: Overhead sumo squat. You want to go nice and low and try to get that 90° bend in your knees. Remember, go wider than your shoulder-width and point your toes to the corner of the room. That will help ease the tension off the actual knee joint. Exercise 3: Front lateral raises Exercise 4: Close grip push-ups push up Exercise 5: Criss-Cross mountain climbers With this exercise, you're going to do three rounds, until failure! Basically, I want you to go as many times as you can for reps and each exercise. If you can only do 10 reps then that's fine you have your bench mark. It's always good to keep data of your exercises and count the repetition that way you can save yourself data and improve where it is you need to improve and on which body part. Make that your goal the next time you do this exercise. This is a full body pump workout three rounds until failure have fun! Too easy! Give it a try.

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