A Toddler with Dwarfism Becomes a Singing Sensation

Sometimes, during the fast pace of our busy days, we forget the struggles that others are going through and we also forget how to be thankful for all that we have.  Grace Anna Rogers is a three year old little girl that was born with Conradi-Hunermann syndrome.  Its a rare form of dwarfism that causes deafness and impaired lung function. article-2544720-1AE873A000000578-56_634x775 The syndrome results in "skeletal malformations, skin abnormalities, cataracts, spinal curvature, sparse or coarse scalp hair and scaling of the skin, as well as uneven limbs," according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.   Litte Grace has faced challenges from detached retinas to a malformed spine and collapsed lungs during her three year life.  But even though she failed a hearing test...she still has the remarkable ability to sing. The video went viral on the web, resulting in requests for Grace to sing at events from Kansas to Virginia.  Grace's story serves as a stark reminder, for us all, that no matter how young or seemingly inconsequential we may appear, we all have something to contribute to this world.  Perhaps what resonates with those that view Grace's video is not entirely her voice, but rather her happiness in the face of terrible disability.  Grace doesn't understand that she "should" be held back by her condition-she is as much a normal toddler as could be asked for.  She's bright and happy and loves to sing.  Perhaps its something we wish was in all of us, the ability to look beyond our circumstances or problems and still be able to smile.

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