Tons Of Green Juice And Hours Of Running: Lily Aldridge's Insane Fitness Routine

This Victoria's Secret Angel goes hard when it comes to keeping fit. Her tight and toned figure has a lot of work put into it, and she has finally revealed to Vogue what her secrets are. At 29, Lily Aldridge has been a lingerie model for VS for 7 years. The mother-of-one's rock hard abs and goddess body did not come easy, and she works to maintain them everyday. Lily explained in a fitness video diary that she starts her morning peacefully with a fruity, antioxidant-packed smoothie and some yoga. Afterwards she heads to her ballet class, which remixes traditional ballet with mat workouts to target and tone. Lily's must-have wherever she goes is a big bottle of water to remain hydrated throughout her day. Her next class on the agenda is Pilates which involves her using pulley apparatuses to build her flexibility, strength and coordination. [bctt tweet="Tons Of Green Juice And Hours Of Running: Lily Aldridge's Insane Fitness Routine"] The stunning model runs long distances everyday as part of her cardio routine, as well as attending a later afternoon Soul Cycle class. To keep herself fuelled, she chugs back plenty of green juices filled with veggies like spinach, kale, cucumbers and celery. For dinner, Lily opts for lean meats and fish along with roasted veggies and lemon tea. She keeps her diet full of organic, fresh produce. Finally, she caps off the evening with a bit of boxing for extra sculpting and strength building, and calls it a night. Could you keep up with Lily's intense fitness day? What is your regular routine like? Source: Daily Mail  

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