Too Skinny? Model Called 'Skeleton,' 'Bag of Bones' and 'Gross' for This Instagram Picture

While there are many people taking a stand against fat shamers, there is still an underlying issue that people aren't paying as close of attention as they possibly should: skinny shaming. Perhaps this is because we've spent decades promoting the beauty of #thinspo that we now feel the need to counteract it, but it doesn't make those who are naturally thin feel supported. In fact, some even feel attacked. Genevieve Barker, a stunning Australian model is one of those people.


The 26-year-old model is at the center of a recent controversy that left her feeling less than impressed by social media. After a black-and-white image shot by photographer Brydie Mack for Souvenir magazine of her laying on the beach, unnerving comments followed, calling the model things like "skeleton," "bag of bones" and "gross." But rather than letting the comments pass, Barker took a stand, defending her body and bringing to light the fact that equal emphasis needs to be put on both fat shaming as well as skinny shaming. "I work hard for my body, I am naturally slender, I work out most days. I essentially train like an athlete. I am healthy and strong and yes, thin," she explained in an interview. Do you think society needs to work harder to rid social media of both fat shaming as well as skinny shaming? Share your thoughts with us! Source: A Plus  

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