Top 10 Craziest Dating Site Photos

People will do a lot to find love...including some of the weirdest/strangest photos you've seen. Enjoy these pictures from one "amazing" Russian dating site. 1. This picture to me says homicidal maniac not potential boyfriend. article-2492393-1948976F00000578-864_634x570 2.Wow...a fox...not much else to say. article-2492393-1948979000000578-163_306x592 3. Nothing says romance like a banana and a newspaper. article-2492393-194897B800000578-148_634x450 4. Rubber gloves and the bath article-2492393-1948977400000578-736_306x423 5. That sweatshirt...just wow. article-2492393-1948979800000578-650_306x525 6. You get that watermelon girl. article-0-194897C000000578-998_634x441 7. I think your pants are on backwards article-2492393-1948979800000578-729_306x525 8. I love spiderweb hats too...what girl doesn't? article-2492393-1948977900000578-282_306x423 9. "I'm super flexible...let me prove it to you...on the playground." article-2492393-1948978300000578-985_306x592 10. No words.  And not in a good way. article-0-194897A100000578-152_634x460   Hope you all enjoyed!  There's more pictures over at the Daily Mail.  

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