Top 10 Exercise Motivators

I want to leave this more for an open discussion. I want to hear from you!

What helps you find motivation to work out when you really don’t want to get your butt to the gym?

There are definitely times where I can come up with more excuses as to why I can’t go to the gym over reasons why I need to go. Sometimes I just have to remind myself of my goals in order to get going.

There are a million ways to motivate yourself to work out, I went ahead and listed the top 10 ways that works for me.

1)      Cover Models – when I see fitness models online or in a magazine, seeing how great they look motivates me because of the hard work it took for them to get there.  You can’t complain about something you aren’t willing to work for.

2)      Setting short term goals – Of course we all have our overall goals, but sometimes setting short term goals for an event or special day helps push you a little harder. Right now my short term goal was to step up my routines to look good and feel good for when my boyfriend and I go to the Mr. Olympia contest. Can’t be walking around that place feeling like a fatty to fatty!

3)      Motivational quotes – I love motivational quotes! I print them out and keep them in various places around the house.

4)      Having a Coach or a Trainer – some people need it, some people don’t. For the motivation alone, and to hold myself accountable to get myself to the gym – get a legitimate coach and it is worth the money.

5)      Knowing how I feel after a good workout – even a crappy workout for that matter! You will never regret a work out. It is even that much more satisfying when you know you really didn’t want to go, but made it to the gym anyways and had a kick ass workout.

6)      Having a workout partner – Just the same as having a trainer. Holding yourself accountable, knowing that you have to be at the gym at a certain time because you can’t let that other person down.

7)      Before and After Photos – nobody likes to take these! Nobody has to see them either! By taking before and after photos, you are able to visually compare your progress, even if it’s just a slight change.

8)      Others appreciating your hard work – ok, let’s be real.. you know it’s great to hear from other people how good you look!

9)      An exercise Calendar – I absolutely love making list. I like checking things off to see my progress. Same goes for Fitness. I create calendars for each month so I can see exactly what my routine will look like.

10)   Time for myself – working two jobs on top of everything else in life, sometimes I just need a little time for myself. Working out makes me feel good and some times all I need is a good workout and a manicure to feel great!

What motivates you to exercise?

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