Top 10 Eye opening Heath & Food Documentaries

I would say within the last year that I have really gotten into watching health and food documentaries on Netflix. I love a great story, especially when it is motivational to my fitness goals. I collected a list earlier this year of a few documentaries that I wanted to make a point to watch. As I am still making my way through the list, the ones that I have seen such as “Food Ink.” “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” “Forks Over Knives” “Hungry For Change” are nothing short of an eye opener. Here is the list that I put together for my top 10 Health & Food Documentaries 1)      May I be Frank – May I be Frank is a documentary about 54 year old New York native, Frank Ferrante’s journey from being obese and unhealthy and searching for a new life. Estranged from his daughter, single, and struggling with depression, Frank walks you through his journey as he repairs past relationships with his family by doing a complete 180 on his life. 2)      Food Matters – Food matters is a documentary focusing on the importance of Health. It discusses why and how food should be our source of medicine by embracing the quality of food and how to differentiate real health solutions. 3)      Food, Inc. -  Another health film that covers the food industry from a corporate perspective. This is one of my favorites that I have watched so far. It shows you how American use to eat and how that has now changed by going behind the scenes of the worlds most powerful food companies and why they are withholding the information from us. A must see for sure! 4)      Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – Fat Sick and Nearly Dead documents Joe Cross, an Australian who is overweight and lives a completely unhealthy lifestyle. Joe decided to take his health into action and travel around America in 60 days. Within those 60 days, he meets people with health issues and decides to transform is life. He helps inspire others to do the same, and take their health into their own hands. One of the most inspiring films out there. 5)      Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes with Raw Food – I absolutely love this film. I am a 100% believer that your health is a reflection on how you live your life. If you are having health issues, such as diabetes, your best source of medicine is made in the kitchen. Simply Raw documents the reversal of diabetes in 30 days. It walks a group of diabetics into transforming their life by eating raw foods. 6)      Hungry for Change – Hungry for Change exposes the food that we eat, is more like food-substances and has led us down a path of declining health. 7)      Forks Over Knives – Forks Over Knives describes how the western diet is not nearly as beneficial as diets in the east and discusses why using your fork more oven than your knife is better. 8)      Real Dirt on Farmer John – The Real Dirt of Farmer John is a story about a farmer that goes from farming using traditional monoculture methods to farming in a more sustainable way using permaculture and horticulture principles. This is the next one on my list to watch! 9)      The Scared Science – The Amazon rainforest is one of the most medicinal reservoirs on the planet and produces 25% of our oxygen. With that in mind, this documentary is about a group of eight people that are brought to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru to help heal them of their conditions ranging from Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease. This film shows the group working with Shamans and healers for help not only on the physical level but emotional and spiritual as well. 10)   The Beautiful Truth: Gerson Therapy – The Beautiful Truth is a film documenting Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson therapy. The Gerson therapy was created by Dr. Max Gerson, Charlotte’s father, who was poisoned to death for spreading a cure to Cancer. 11)   Supersize Me – and for the Bonus! If you have yet to see Supersize me, this has got to be #1 on your list. Supersize me documents how Morgan Spurlock explores the consequences on his health of a diet of solely McDonald’s food for one month while examining the influence of the fast food industry. Have you seen any of these already? If so, what did you think?

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