Who Are The Top 10 Fittest Actresses In Hollywood?

Fitness isn't something that comes easy to everyone, even famous stars. We're counting down the dedicated starlets who work around the clock to keep their bodies buff and bikini ready. #1 Gwyneth Paltrow gwenyth paltrow 41-year-old Gwyneth is dedicated to keeping in shape. She eats incredibly clean and healthy, detoxes to flush her system and works out by running and dancing. #2 Cameron Diaz cameron diaz Jogging, surfing, hiking and basically any outdoor activity is what 42-year-old Cameron enjoys. She also goes to the gym nearly every day and says that keeping fit makes her feel empowered. #3 Penelope Cruz penelope cruz Penelope says that her fit, toned and youthful shape is attributed to olive oil and lean protein. She gets lots of omega-3 fats in her diet and goes running to burn off calories. Simple, and effective. #4 Eva Mendes eva mendes Eva's vivacious energy helps her smash her workouts. She hits the gym for cardio and weights three times a week, practices yoga and runs for a minimum of 35 minutes a day. She eats lots of dark, leafy greens to keep going! #5 Jessica Biel jessica biel Jessica keeps it fresh by remixing yoga sessions with intense weight lifting. At 33, she is a workout addict and gets her fix by walking her dogs when she can't make it to the gym. She drinks tons of water and eats natural, healthy foods. #6 Halle Berry halle berry At 48, Halle doesn't look a day over 25. She loves HIIT style workouts to get her heart racing and to torch calories. Halle fills up on a low carb, zero sugar diet and includes lots of fresh veggies. #7 Blake Lively blake lively Hot mom Blake uses cardio and HIIT workouts to blast body fat and stay toned. She refuels with fruits, veggies, lean meats and grains. Blake eats a lot of diary, but ensures it is from sources like yogurt which is rich in probiotics. #8 Jennifer Aniston jennifer aniston The luminous beauty is very down-to-earth when it comes to eating and working out. She has her own garden and chicken coop for fresh eggs. She practices yoga, spinning and goes for long walks. #9 Nicole Kidman nicole kidman Nicole runs everyday, and also swims, spins and gets in other forms of cardio regularly. The 48-year-old loves Pilates and yoga. She allows small indulgences like cookies and cake, but she attempts to eat clean 80% of the time. #10 Uma Thurman uma thurman Uma looks amazing for 45, and attributes her agelessness to yoga. She stretches it out almost everyday, and eats a clean, nutrient-dense diet which she has banned gluten and diary from! Which of these ladies do you admire? Did we miss one of your favourite fit celebs? Source: Body Again Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_106444" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]    

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