Top 10 reasons to love hiking!

This weekend for me was full of fresh air! Now that it's finally starting to cool off (while still remaining 90 degrees in the afternoon - I do live in Arizona after all)... I decided to get my a$$ outside and take the two loves of my life up a new trail. Anytime I can spend the day outside, it's a good day. I feel that hiking is such an underrated exercise and so good for your mental health. You can truly allow your mind to break free of all stress. photo 5 My Top 10 Reasons why I LOVE Hiking:
1) All the overly nice people - it is almost impossible to pass an avid hiker without a genuine "Hi"  --- a reminder that there really is genuinely kind people out there still! 
2) You can go at your own pace - Hiking is a form of exercise that doesn't judge your skill level, age or body.
3)  You're in the outdoors - nobody can smell your sweat! 
4) Automatically elevates your mood - a good hour or two in nature can calm your nerves and lifts your  spirits. 
5) Health benefits - lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease, helps prevent and control diabetes, increases bone density, lowers your cancer risk, and also provides your daily dose of Vitamin D. 
6) I am all about finding adventure. When you go hiking, no matter how difficult the trail, you always end up with some great stories and proud accomplishments. Not to mention seeing new sites, close encounters with wild animals (or in my case getting stung by a bee) and exploring new trails. 
7) It's Cheap! There are very few things in life no a days that are actually Free. Now, depending on where you go, you may have to pay for parking, snacks, and a maybe a water pack... BUT overall compared to just about any other exercise activity / sport, your upfront spending for hiking essentials is pretty minimal. 
8) Experience the wonder and the rugged beauty of nature. Enough said. 
photo 5-1 photo 4 photo 4-1
9) Hiking will test your will power and overall strength and allows you to experience an unadulterated sense of freedom. 
10) For me, it's great quality time with my pups. Snoopy (American Pit Bull) and Baby Jack (Pit / German Shepard Mix) absolutely love the trails and takes a lot to keep up with them. They are as happy to explore new sites as I am and push me beyond my own expectations. 
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