Top 10 Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

If you were to cut 500 calories a day, it would be possible to lose a pound within a week. But how would you go about doing that, you ask? We've got your answer right here. Here are 10 easy ways to reduce your daily calorie count.

1. Cut out visible fat from meat

While cooking, cut visible fat from meat. This should allow you to save around 100 calories a day! Do it with red meat in particular as it tends to have more fat.

2. Stay away from nuts

Nuts are good for heart patients but are high in calories. Each oil roasted nut contains 175 calories. With tree nuts, that can go up to 525 calories. If you cannot control your love of nuts, stick to pistachios.

3. Avoid eating in front of the television

Eating in front of the television can be bad for your calorie count. People who eat in front of the TV have a tendency to eat more. Be mindful of what you are eating, sit at the table. Or, cut out the TV time and go for a walk which will help you burn off some accumulated fat.

4. Start using poultry and fish

Swap out red meat for poultry or fish. Poultry has 30 calories per ounce while fish has 62. If you make this switch, you can save well over 500 calories a day.

5. Stop drinking soda

There is a lot of sugar that goes into the making of your favourite soda. And diet varieties, well, they play tricks with your brain that can cause you to eat even more calories. Your best bet is water. Plain and simple. EtgXglxHmzoEsk608y08munqZW9D_ORCKS99bSDI8AQ

6. Have a gluten free life

If you have 2 sandwiches a day (4 slices of bread), you've already consumed close to 500 calories. Try a lettuce wrap or a low calorie pita.

7. Eliminate white cream sauce

White sauces are high in fat and can cost a lot of calories. Use tomato sauces or vinaigrettes.

8. Stop having desserts

Time to break the habit of eating dessert after a meal. If you absolutely must have one, cannot give it up, have a light pudding with a low calorie whipped cream.

9. Have lean meat with 2 vegetables on the side

Fill up your plate with side vegetables to go with your serving of lean meat, like poultry. Saves you the calories you'd waste on a starchy side.

10. Use smaller plates

Use a 10 inch plate instead of the 12 inch dinner plate. You will feel like you are eating more food, a little trick of the eye and it will save you overeating. 14_Day_Nutrition_Guide_finaldraft_1024x1024   Check out our 14 Day Nutrition Guide - everything you need to shift your diet to support fat loss in one easy to follow plan. On sale now for under $10 If you have any tried and true methods for cutting down calories or reducing portions sizes let us know in the comments below!  

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