The Top 3 Mistakes You've Made Attempting to Lose Weight

There are 3 major mistakes most of us make in our attempts to get slim and sleek for summer. We rely on the idea of the "quick fix" diet or the revolutionary workout and get discouraged when this one magic bullet does not do the trick. The secret is to look at health and fitness as a whole, and not get caught up on one particular factor. Here are the 3 deadly sins of the diet-games. Mistake #1: Picking a diet because a celebrity did it aUPV4dRvUeA7d3gJhGVqtmJIb26Absk4N2dikUqfvrU We look to celebrities for advice on everything, from fashion and hairstyles to diet and exercise. It is natural we want their fitness secrets. But what we don't see is that the rich and famous have an army of trainers, assistants and nutritionists to help them out. Their buff results don't come without a price - thousands and thousands of dollars. It is unrealistic to think you will get Candice Swanepoel's abs and toned butt in 10 days without enlisting a Victoria Secret fitness crew. Fitness can be achieved through following celebs, but in moderation. It might be 20 days before you see results, or even a few months. Have patience with your body and stick to your routine. Mistake #2: Relying solely on cleanses and detoxes   Cleanses and detoxes are the ultimate trend right now, but they are not the be all and end all of shedding pounds. Don't shell out money on detox programs or cleansing drinks. There is a better way to do this! Eliminating toxins from your body is highly beneficial. What we don't know is that through proper diet and exercise, your body will naturally cleanse and detoxify itself. Eating nutrient rich veggies, drinking tons of water and working out is the real secret to flushing your system. Mistake #3: Diet hopping There are a plethora of diets out there and all promise to be the IT diet. A lot of us suffer from diet commitment issues, hopping from diet to diet the second one isn't working for us. One week it's South Beach the next it's the watermelon diet (I made that up, is that a thing?). But nothing gives us our instant weight loss gratification so we soldier on to the next one. The best diet is the one we can stick to. Dieting is a process, and can sometimes be a long one. Pick a diet you know will work for your food taste, your hunger and your nutritional needs. Maybe convince your partner or friend to try it with you so you can support and encourage each other. Challenge yourself to stick to it for 12 weeks, and if nothing minor has changed, then consider hopping to the next one. What are some diet mistakes you have made in the past? Let us know!

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