Top 4 Fashion Forward Activewear Companies

These days the gym is a place where we meet friends, and eye at the opposing sex. It's not all about getting a tough workout in. Although it should be. We live in a fashion friendly society. That even means having a fashion sense while you are short of breath and drenched in sweat.   I have a good stock of Adidas, Nike, LuLu Lemon and Under Armour. But if you are like me, you hate wearing the same outfit to the gym that 3 other people are wearing at the same time. So if you are tired of wearing the same old workout clothes that everyone else is wearing at the gym try one of these four fashion friendly activewear companies  to get your new workout wardrobe from. 1. Titika Activewear titika According to Titika "garments are made using innovative fabrics such as Supplex, Coolmax, Microfiber, Modal and Cupro. Properties such as moisture wicking, quick dry, four-way stretch and flat seams, provide comfort during all fitness activities." This fashion forward company is based out of Toronto Canada. They use the theme "inspired by life" to create their unique lines. Titika is committed to empowering today’s women with quality, innovative, high fashion activewear. 2. Body Rock Sport bodyrock According to the creator of the line, each one of her garments have "a bevy of amazing features." These features include but are not limited to inner structures for support, waterproof pockets, ipod pockets, zippers, tagless labels and gorgeous embellishments. This is a fashion forward company that you can look great in at the gym. In fact their clothes are so stylish you could probably wear it anywhere. 3. Body Language Sportswear bodylanguage   This company is always evolving and developing sexy workout wear for women. According to the company "we satisfy your need to express your inner self through fashion while meeting all of your performance needs."  Their fashion trendy  line of unique, comfortable sportswear is anything but traditional. 4. Sweaty Betty sweaty-betty-pic This company originated in Europe and is now available in America. They have every type of workout clothing for every fitness enthusiast.  They have beautiful garments and are a very fashion forward company. Follow Alicia Bell on Twitter:

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