The Top 4 Secrets Men Keep From Their Wives

It doesn't matter if you've been together 10 weeks or 10 years, there will always be a few little secrets you keep from your partner, and he keeps from you. These secrets aren't life ruining, Dateline worthy demons, but rather little things that he prefers keeping quiet about. We talked to top couple therapists to get the inside scoop on the things your man isn't telling you, but should be able to. 1. He doesn't know how to fully open up. "I often have to probe the men more than the women to expand on their concerns.” says Tomika Witherspoon, a clinical therapist. By nature, men are more closed up and closed off when it comes to expressing themselves. There are definitely emotions within them, but they are taught at an early age to keep strong and not talk about them. 2. He has body image issues. You may be the one always probing him about whether you look large in your favourite jeans, but he has the same thoughts about his own self. "Men feel the pressure to put out an energy that they are confident and secure, but most of them really need to know that you still desire them,” explains couples therapist Ellen Bradley-Windell. He may never express his body doubts and insecurities, so give him a pick-me-up every now and then. Tell him how hot he looks in that white T, or give him a surprise body complement when you're getting intimate. You'll boost his self esteem instantly and relieve his fears. 3. He needs you. The truth is, he'd be lost without you around. As much as he buffs himself up to feel like the protector and care giver (natural in male psychology), he depends on you to keep him on the right track. “They really desire the idea of be able to lean on their wives for that support, but don’t want to appear weak.” says Windell. Be his shoulder to lean on, his friend and his rock as much as he is yours. 4. He sometimes prefers cuddling to sex. Men aren't horny 24/7 as women often believe. They enjoy the intimacy, closeness and comfort of holding you as much as well...doing other things to you. Cuddling is an assuring, relaxing and bonding time for both of you. He loves to feel your body close. Don't think he's not enjoying a good spooning. What are some ways you like to get your man to open up? What are your tips for a close relationship? Let us know in a comment!

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