Top 4 Ways to Stop Snoring

Tired of being told you snore all night from your significant other? Do you wake up with a dry, scratchy throat from it? You may even wake yourself up intermittently throughout the night from your loud rumbling. We can all agree it is a disturbing quality to have or be around, so here are the top four natural remedies to stop snoring in its tracks. Drop some pounds. It is common knowledge that one of the biggest reasons people snore is due to being overweight. If you have packed on a few and noticed you've begun to snore, this could be your cure, since fat deposits found in your upper airway can clog up your peaceful breathing. Switch up your sleeping position. Another blockage to your airway, which increases your chances of snoring, is sleeping on your back. Try sleeping on your side, which won't cause your tongue, chin and that excess fatty tissue  under your chin to obstruct your breathing. Put down the cigarette. Studies show that smokers are twice as likely to take up the annoying habit of snoring than those who don't light up. Smoking can clog up your nasal passage, which gets in the way of your airflow and makes it harder to inhale and exhale properly. Stay away from alcohol before hitting the hay. Alcohol is also known to block the air passage in your throat, as it makes the muscles found there more prone to enter a deeper state of relaxation than usual. This collapse in the back of the throat can lead to snoring. Are you a snorer? Have you found any natural remedies to help rid yourself of this annoying quality? Source: Naij  

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