Top 5 Beauty Foods

Enough with spending all of your money on chemical-laden lotions and potions that don’t work and actually increase your toxic load! If you want a super healthy glow, it’s time to turn your attention to what is going on inside. So if you suffer from acne, inflammation, or dry, flakey skin look no further than breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means making hydrating, nutrient rich, raw foods the focal point of your meals.


1) Bone Broth

High quantities of collagen, gelatin and trace minerals like sulphur and silicon are some of the best beauty secrets. Not only does bone broth helps grow beautiful hair and nails but it is also rumored to help with the ‘orange peel’ look of cellulite by strengthening the under layer of the skin. Get your daily dose in your broth and you can have long and strong hair and nails and supple, vibrant skin!

2) Cucumbers

Great source of silicon, which makes our hair thick, our nails strong, and it strengthens connective tissues and bones to improve flexibility. Silicon can improve the appearance of wrinkles, and can also increase the resilience of your skin. Be sure to buy organic cucumbers because conventional cukes have a waxy coating on them to make them more visually appealing.

3) Raw Dark Chocolate

Amazing source of magnesium, zinc, antioxidants, and other minerals. I eat a little bit everyday. Not only does chocolate taste amazing, but it can make you feel and look amazing too

4) Sprouts

These little guys are PACKED with goodness. If you think about it, they contain all of the essential parts to build a beautiful plant so why wouldn’t they help us to have a radiant glow? Sprouts provide a punch of living enzymes, protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and other phytonutrients. The enzymes found in sprouts and other raw fruits and veggies work together with the minerals in your body and have all of the sought-after beauty affects.

5) Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Good for inner and outer beauty! Coconut oil actually stimulates weight loss by increasing metabolic rate and removes harmful free radicals that promote premature aging and degenerative disease, making it an all around healer! It has about a 1000 uses in the beauty world – everything from toothpaste to conditioner to an all-natural moisturizer.



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