Top 5 Sexiest Foods

The brain.  The most erotic organ of our body.  If you think it is going to turn you on, then it probably will.  But, why not help your thinking along a little? Food and sex are two of our greatest pleasures.  So, what the are the 5 sexiest foods?  Why should you eat them?  Read below to find out about the 5 Sexiest Foods to eat. 1. Dark Chocolate--Ready to Fall in Love?  Make sure to pick up some dark chocolate that is 70% or higher on the way to your lady or man's house.  Dark Chocolate contains serotonin and phenylethylamine (PEA) which aide in the production of "happy" hormones.  *****Fair Warning****** Consumption of Dark Chocolate may lead to kissing, cuddling, love making, marriage and babies.  Way to go chocolate!


2.  Asparagus--Yes, the veggie that can increase your partner or with your partner.  Besides the obvious phallic shape of the vegetable, asparagus is filled with fiber, potassium and folic acid to name a few.  Eating these vegetable will increase your arousal point and make that sexy time so much more enjoyable.


3.  Scallops--Ready to really get it on?  Well, eating scallops with your loved one will bring out the sexy in you.  This mildly sweet shellfish is also a symbol for some scallops :)


4. King Salmon--Brain food!  Yum!  A well fed brain is a sexy brain.  The omega-3 fatty acids help maintain the fluidity of cell membranes.  Grill it, broil it, bake it, steam it, salmon is a forever sexy food.

Wild King Salmon

5. Strawberries--Sexy in itself, strawberries, especially when dipped in that dark chocolate, are sweet, juicy, luscious, and perfectly tangy for a perfect end to a sexy meal.  Don't forget to buy ORGANIC :).


  So all that is left to do is to grocery shop for these sexy foods, call up your lover and get to eating!  I know you are going to enjoy it :)   Stay sexy and healthy,   Kaitlin

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