Top 5 BodyRock Butt, Inner & Outer Thigh & Lower Body Workouts

Hi Bodyrockers,

We have put together the Top Most Popular Butt Workouts :).

Add these to your daily BodyRock routine to give your workout an extra boost, or complete as many of the exercises as you can to give you the ultimate lower Body & Butt workout that will guarantee to take you out of your comfort zone & into the ''Toned & Tight Ass & Leg'' Zone.

We are currently working on the Next 30 Day challenge. From the feedback we received from you guys, We know you all loved having a dedicated programme to follow everyday & with the diet challenges, workout tutorials, weighted & non-weighted alternatives & also the Ab & Butt Bonus sections of course so we are returning with a totally new programme very soon - Watch this space :))

Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie












The last two 30 Day Programmes we followed helped keep us focus and on track, and with summer just around the corner we have decided to push you extra hard & squeeze in one more month, But this time we will take our workouts to the next level ;) so make sure you check in with us everyday to follow. 

If you didn’t already know we are giving away BodyRock Equipment EVERYDAY !! – So now there are No Excuses not to get involved & join the Home Workout Generation :)). We are giving away a Gymboss Everyday – just click Here. Win a BodyRock Equalizer – Just Click Here. Want to Win an iPad3? – Well you can take part for FREE Here.

Today’s Diet Challenge:

Diet Challenge’s can be found on Lisa-Marie’s Facebook page click Here


Your next workout will be posted on the site everyday to follow along with advice on diet & supplements to support your training. We will be posting pictures of some of our meals and daily trips out & about on our Facebook pages to give you guys a running idea about what we are eating a long with other tips and little pep talks so please “like” BodyRock.Tv on Facebook here for daily inspiration & motivation :))!

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