Hi BodyRockers! Do you have 5 minutes to Hiit it with me? I put a fast paced Belly Fat Torching Rep Workout together for you! I hope you guys like it! No timer required in this workout because we are doing Reps!! Yes, that's right, this is a circuit training workout which will get your heart rate up and work a variety of muscles, which is a great way to burn off that Belly Fat!! You have all heard it and it's true, doing thousands of crunches will NOT give you washboard abs because belly fat and love handles are simply a result of excess body fat. To get rid of the excess body fat you need do workouts that target different muscles at the same time and that also challenge your cardiovascular system. This is also an effective and faster way to achieve success as I'm sure many of you can attest to your own weight loss success following the BodyRock workouts, otherwise you wouldn't be here. This workout consists of 19 exercises and you will do 10 reps of each exercise. It takes about 4-5 minutes to complete the circuit so I know you have time to get it in! Complete 2 rounds if you can and Always do a good warm up 5-10 minutes. Don't get overwhelmed by the number of exercises because you are only doing 10 reps. Stay focused by counting reps and move on to next exercise. THE WORKOUT: 19 EXERCISES Complete 10 Reps of each Exercise EXERCISES:
    1. Outside mountain climbers
    2. Jumping Jacks
    3. Regular mountain climbers
    4. Standing elbow to knee
    5. Outside double side hop to right side
    6. Star jacks
    7. Outside double side hop to left side
    8. Side lunges right
    9. Single arm half burpees
    10. Side lunges other side
    11. Single arm half burpee (other arm)
    12. High knees
    13. Pushups + knee
    14. Side hand plank opposite hand to foot
    15. V-sits
    16. Side plank other side opposite hand to foot
    17. Pike press single leg
    18. Roll back + jump up to jack
    19. Pike presses other leg

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