Total Body Equipment Free Circuit

I LOVE bodyweight workouts because you can do them anywhere, at anytime, NO EXCUSES!

I designed this with a total body workout in mind. Go from one exercise to the next with little to no rest in between. Finish all 3 sections and then rest. Repeat 2-5x depending on level and time available. I have included a couple links of exercises that may be new to some. When in doubt, Google it!

I have also been doing more rep challenges lately as well. I have found that doing rep challenges, and keeping the reps down (i.e. in 10 rep amounts), helps push me more too, to give it all I got for those 10 reps. Don't forget to stretch when complete. And always start with a light 3-5 minute warm up before beginning.

Here's to SUMMER!

total body circuit2


10 Decline Push ups 10 Burpees 10 Superman 10 Mt. Climbers 10 Forearm Pike + Knee to Elbow 10 Second One Arm Plank


10 Plank Jack Legs 10 Push Ups 10 In & Out Abs 10 Straight Leg Crunches 10 Side to Side Ab Hops (Ski Abs) 10 Pike Push ups


10 Jump Lunges 10 Prisoner Squats 10 Jump Squats 10 Curtsy Lunges 10 Sumo Jump Squats 10 Box Jumps (OR Power Jumps if no box/table available)



Decline Push ups Superman Forearm Pike to plank + Knee to Elbow (start in pike on forearms, then come down to plank position, then bring knee to elbow) Plank Jack Legs In/Out Abs Straight Leg Crunch Side to Side ski abs Pike Push up Prisoner Squats Curtsy Lunges  Box Jumps Sumo Jump Squats Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? “LIKE” my Facebook page and check out my youtube page as well!
Photo Credit: LHGFX Photography

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