Your Toxic Tampons

Living in the day and age we do where even our food has chemicals in it, its not hard to accept the terrible fact that what we put in and on our body also carries harmful toxins.  Cosmetics, food, cleaning products, just to name a few. But what you might not know is that most feminine care products; tampons, pads, and feminine wipes contain toxic substances.  What's even more worrisome is that so little is known about both the scope and the seriousness of the problem. A recent report titled, "Chem Fatale" released by Women's Voices for Earth found that 85% of women use tampons.  These tampons are made from a bleached cotton (or rayon), the bleaching can expose the product to toxic dioxins and furans which have been linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption according to the report.  Although the toxin levels in tampons are incredibly low compared to that in food...the vaginal membranes are much more permeable which means that higher levels of the toxins are being absorbed into your body. Although the risks are incredibly high there is virtually no discussion being held about the advisability of using such products or how to keep women safe.  It's not shocking in any manner...the female reproductive system has been such a tabooed subject for so long.  It isn't considered a subject for polite company.  It is convenient for the health industry to simple avoid talking about the risks and let women continue using such products. According to Jezebel, WVE is currently pushing Procter & Gamble to 1) list all the ingredients in, 2) evaluate the safety of, and 3) remove the toxins from their pads and tampons. In the meantime, the report recommends buying unscented, unbleached tampons and pads made from organic cotton.  Now where exactly do you find those little beauties and how much are they going to set us back each month?  

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