How to Track your Fitness Progress the Right Way

For many of us, tracking our progress becomes a ritual.  We may weigh ourselves weekly, or take body fat measurements to ensure that we are continually progressing.  Sometimes, though, we become so caught up in the number that we don’t see the changes actually taking place.  We constantly are looking at ourselves in the mirror and eventually we become frustrated because we think we are seeing the same person we have always been. One of the best tools to tracking your progress is through pictures.  For those out there lifting weights, doing HIIT workouts, or just eating better; the scale may not be an accurate interpretation of how your body is changing.  For example, I currently weigh the same as I did a year ago, however; I am leaner than I have ever been due to increased muscle mass and reduced fat storage. Below are some tips to ensure you are tracking your progress efficiently with pictures:
  • Set a check in day and take pictures on that day weekly or bi-monthly
  • Pick a same outfit and stick with it through the duration of your progress pictures
  • Pick a standard location and stick to that same place. Different lighting can change the way your body looks so you should keep the location and lighting the same
  • Use a self-timing camera so that you are not trying to take awkward selfies for your progress pictures
  • Use a camera that has a time/date stamp so that you can keep the pictures in order
  • Take pictures from the front, facing left, back, and facing right.

Progress pictures can be difficult, especially when you are holding excess body fat, but I promise when you are looking  back you are going to want to see where you were and how far you have come.


Picture above is 6 month weight training progress.

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