How To "Train" For Delivery - What Every Fit Pregnant Woman Should Know

It's definitely not taboo for pregnant women to work out. Despite popular belief, it's totally ok to keep fit when you're baring a baby bump. It won't pose a threat to your fetus, and it won't cause complications or early labour in low-risk pregnancies. Here are 5 essential things to know about pre-baby fitness: 1. There are Tons of Benefits of Pre-Natal Workouts While, you may have to adjust some of your routine to fit about your growing belly and shrinking bladder, working out is perfectly harmless and very healthy. It can reduce your back aches, pain and bloating. It also gives you a boost of energy and strength. Delivery is a pretty testing event, so having strength, flexibility and good muscle health is imperative to making things go smoothly. Many women like working out during pregnancy to prevent excessive weight gain. It is a factor that weight gain can increase risk of a C-Section birth and preeclampsia (high blood pressure). It can also help you deal with your changing body. Working out makes you feel like you have control, even for an hour or two. 2. Cardio is Safe   It's not true that you need to stay off your feet during pregnancy, unless it's the doctor's orders. Get up and dance, go for a run! You may get some stares sweating it out down the street from concerned neighbours thinking you're going to go into labour, but you're perfectly safe. 3. You Can Still Lift Weights   The age old theory that pregnant women can't lift anything in "their condition" is totally bogus. Any weights under 50 pounds are safe for lifting. You'll be lifting car seats, strollers and baby so, a little practice can't hurt. 4. Modified Ab Exercises are Safe   While classic crunches and other on-your-back workouts aren't recommended as they can put pressure on your little one, modified Pilates and modified planks are fine. Just be sure to adjust any workouts to non-lying-on-your-back positions. 5. Avoid Intense Activities and Contact Sports Maybe this is a rule of thumb to most women, but just to make sure; it is not ok to go skydiving, horseback riding, down skiing or play contact sports like soccer while carrying a child. Any activity that could result in a serious fall is to be left off your daily itinerary. What are some go-to exercises you have used while pregnant? Let us know!

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