Train hard like PINK and you´re overtraining?

PINK is one of the most trained by pop stars. She was in shape 1 year after the birth of her daughter again. She pays great attention to her diet and workout daily. How could that work? A rule for train: it must be 48 hours between workouts for sufficient muscle regeneration. Should not this be adhered to, you would be overtrained and the body would react with chronic fatigue, tiredness and loss of power. Take a look at Pink. Every muscle is defined. She never seems tired or powerless. Her shows are packed with acrobatics and stunts. Seems as if she knows the secret of ultimate muscle relaxation. A cold shower after workout! Cold-Shower-2 The Institute National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance in Paris has reviewed that. Nine well trained runners completed 3 times a challenging run. After workout every runner gets one of 3 methods for relaxing. -Infrared lamp -30-minutes break -a short visit in a cold chamber at -166°F All got their relaxing therapy 3 times. One hour after workout, 24 hours after and 48 hours after training. It was constantly checked how much the muscles were claimed. In each test, won the cold chamber. The second Place went to the infrared lamp, only the break could not 100% successes prove. But since nobody has a cold chamber at home it also does an ice-cold shower. The infrared lamp may be replaced by a sauna. So forget the nonsense of training breaks. Do your daily HIIT, pay attention to your nutrition, shower ice-cold after workout, and you´ll be in the best shape of your life. Thus a excuse is resolved. Enjoy the 30 day challenge. Thankful for using Cold Shower Photo by Petercft

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