"You Train Like a Girl" (Yes I do, Thank You)

  photo beauty-and-the-box.com I hear this expression being thrown around, and I take it as a compliment. I've always loved working out. Even back in the 80's when I was a teen, and it wasn't exactly common for a female to lift weights.  I took a Sports Training class at my high school, and was one of 2 girls in the class. Most of our days were spent in the weight room. My teacher was great and never treated us 2 girls any differently than the boys. Why should he anyway? I just wanted to learn proper lifting forms and how to build various muscles correctly and safely, and I did just that. Not only did I learn how to push my body to these amazing physical limits, I built up such confidence and self esteem in myself. As I've grown older, I see more and more women who make weight training a part of their daily routine. From young women to moms, and especially women over 40. It's not so much about building bulk, we just like to be fit and feel strong, both inside and out. We are setting an example for the younger generation that it's ok to be strong, confident and live a healthy lifestyle as well. :) you're not giving up, are you?   photo  pure-motivation.tumblr.com So whether you are new to working out, in a slump, or have been afraid to even start, decide right now that you want it more than you are afraid of it. And the next time you hear someone say "You Train Like a Girl", just smile and reply, "yes I do, thank you".  

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