Train The Same And Go Insane

You probably know quite a few people who have trained the same for years and years, they are always hitting the same times in swim, bike and run sessions, they are always managing to lift the same weight for the same exercises. Week in, week out they never fail to miss a training session, and even if they did they'd squeeze that session in somewhere around their full time job, family and various other commitments, (you know, like eating and sleeping). You can't knock the dedication and consistency of these people that's for sure! And these people are good at what they do, no average Joe, certainly not! But how long can this same old routine go on for before it gets seriously boring, you get broken or even end up going backwards? Yes, that can happen! Personally, I get bored very easily and equally as frustrated when I don't see any progress. So, what do I do? Change! Change my routine, my workouts, my attitude. Change isn't easy, especially after years of doing the same thing week in, week out (I'm 'guilty' of that). It takes a leap of faith, a strong belief that the changes you are making are positive ones. It takes trust and confidence in yourself, your abilities and knowledge. It's about taking full responsibility for yourself and your actions. Only you can change you! So, I challenge you. This week change one thing about your training. Perhaps start with intensity? That way the workouts are still familiar and it's not a complete routine overhaul but still gets the winds of change blowing in the right direction. Go harder and faster than ever before - we have always got more in the tank than we think we have. Your goal is to empty it! Progress is what keeps you motivated, to keep motivated you need goals, your goals are always changing, and so should you! Kat x "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  -Albert Einstein

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