Trainer Tip: Don't Skip Meals; Skip Rope.

I've always thought that skipping rope is an excellent exercise that is often under-rated and overlooked. It' wonderfully portable (I always bring mine on vacation), inexpensive, has endless-variations, improves co-ordinations and agility, which in turn stimulates the brain. And, oh yeah, it burns a load of calories: up to 1,300 an hour.

If you haven't skipped since you were a child (remember, you used to do it for fun!) here's another little-known benefit that might just make you want to.

According to research at the faculty of Sports Science at Waseda University, skipping rope for just three minutes 30 minutes before a meal could reduce hunger and calorie intake. The theory is that jumping disturbs the gut and could slow the release of appetite-revving hormones such as ghrelin.

 So, skip to it.blog2050

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