Trainer Tip: Train calves with two exercises

For the longest time, I ignored my calves, obsessed as I was about developing my upper legs. When my upper legs (hello glutes!) were where I wanted them I realised how petty my slim calves looked. All that butt, quads on hammies resting on slender, barely there calves. If you are trying to develop your calf muscles, as I currently am, be sure to included both seated and standing calf raises. The calves are made up of two major muscle groups -- the bigger, double-headed gastrocnemius which accounts for most of the size and is most visible and the smaller soleus which lies underneath. Although smaller and not so visible, the soleus still has great potential to add size to the lower leg. #tttcalves Standing calve raises target the gastrocnemius while seated calve rasies hit the soleus. Further, the gastrocnemius is a fast twitch muscle so responds better to heavy low reps, whereas the soleus is slow twitch and is best trained with low weights and high reps.    

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