Trainers Confess: What They Wish They Knew Before Their First Workout!

In order to reap the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle, you must first start somewhere. Not everyone goes from zero to killer abs in a matter of weeks. We may look at first fitness professionals like they were born ready, but even they started from the bottom. Here are what top trainers say they wish they had known before their first workout:

1) Show Up Hungry

Yoga instructor Julie Skaarup wants first timers to know this doesn't mean skipping breakfast. It means show up with a real passionate drive to hit your first workout with all you've got! Even if you make awkward mistakes, never lose that drive. Don't think of yourself as incapable of, say, doing yoga, because you are inflexible or uncoordinated. Just give it a go!

2) Baby Steps

Triathlete Terra Castro says, “The first step is putting it out there—being bold and believing you can do it. Take even a baby step.” Starting slow and working your way up to achieving your goals is the best way to start your new, healthy lifestyle. Terra also wants newbies to know that it's important to rest and recover after a workout. Pushing yourself too hard in the beginning can lead to your body burning out.

3) Have Fun!

Trainer Jordan Syatt tells his clients that fun is a huge factor in fitness! And it's okay to quit one workout and try another. If you're totally hating hot yoga, try spinning! Not digging the treadmill? Try a high energy zumba class! Jordan recommends switching it up to find the most fun fit for your fitness needs! What are some things you wish you knew going into your first workout? Share your stories with us!

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