The 5 Traits of "Perfection"

Hey everyone!  Let's start with this for a moment.  Sit for a while and think about the most inspiring person in your life.  Someone you know personally.  What's the one thing that no matter how much time passes you'll always remember?  What's your favorite memory of them?  Are you smiling yet?  Ok good. Mine: my Grandpa.  A WWII Navy Vet, a pastor, tied for first place in the most wonderful man category (with my husband).  I will never forget how loved and wanted he made me feel and my favorite memory of him was him sitting in my parents kitchen eating his favorite apple pie with a slice of cheddar on top.  Yep smiling...a lot.  I loved him. Ok so purpose of this...I am willing to bet none of you thought of someone with any regard to their body and whether it was perfect or not.  You remember the way they made you feel.  You envisioned their smile, their hug, their presence in your life. I'm here to de-bunk some of the "perfect" body traits. e12ce2419b406633eb05336bb6daf982   Collar Bones: Seriously? Not sure when these became necessary for a perfect body.  Have you ever had someone grab your collar bone?  Its a pressure point and it hurts like hell...why for the love of God would you want to expose it?!?! cf342d1ac65e02cf4d204bad5ff3ac97 Big Boobs: Honestly?  Ok I've got boobs...I'm here to say having to go ONLINE to get the best bra for a larger chest sucks.  I'd rather they not bounce so much or move.  Oh and the girl above...not even wearing the correct size bra. db02ab6c2942fa475040b328c551c18c Flat Stomach:  Who cares about a flat stomach if it can't do a single crunch...?  What a waste of time trying to achieve.  Let's go for the ability to do an entire one of Lisa's AB DEATH days...without crying. a9ae5b932ab4df44c73ade1aa896162f   Hip Bones: Ok...I'm just going to say it...have you ever run into something and just sat there and thanked God you didn't have massively protruding hip bones?  Yep me.  Lots of times. The only reasons they are popular are because of the anorexic models on the runway. ded5d484874fc58a352d510e1a6f7cd2   Thigh Gap:  Ooh my number one pet peeve.  You know the only reason why it matters today is because someone somewhere decided thighs that touched automatically meant fat.  Did a little bit of research.  It all has to do with pelvic a loose pelvis is what creates the thigh gap, a tight one not so much. So back to our little exercise at the many of these characteristics did your most inspirational person fulfill (if they were a man just roll with me here)?  Maybe one or two?  Maybe none?  Instead of focusing on the minutia of "perfecting" your body, you focus on overall health...soundness of mind...good relationships...things that last your whole life.

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