Trans Bodybuilder Tells Ellen He Wants To Be The "New Average"

Transgender bodybuilder, Aydian Dowling, paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres this week to discuss what it means to be 'average' in this day and age. “If I get on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, I will be the first transgender male on the cover of Men’s Health magazine, ever,” he told DeGeneres. Dowling is currently leading the magazine's Ultimate Guy Search which places the winner on the cover. It isn't lost on Dowling how momentous this could be. “Being on that cover will question the new average,” he said. “What is average, you know?” It will break barriers. man men body fitness health lifestyle stereotypes transgender He explained to Ellen that his journey to finding his authentic self was not an easy one. He transitioned after coming out as a lesbian at 17. “It felt like I was a lesbian because I was a girl who liked girls,” said Dowling. It wasn't until he was 20 when an ex girlfriend asked if he had ever thought about being a boy that he started to consider it. “Once I found out what—emotionally—it meant to be transgender, that was it, that was the piece [that was missing] because I didn’t know it existed,” Dowling told DeGeneres. Dowling currently has over 61,000 votes in the contest. The next closest competitor? Fewer than 13,000. Yeah. Looks like Aydain is about to not only knock down barriers, but blow them sky high and torch the foundation. Good on ya, Aydain.

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