Transgender Model Recreates Adam Levine's Popular Nude Photo And The Results Are Amazing!

Everyone remembers that infamous nude photo back in 2011 of Adam Levine. Yes, the one with his wife's hands on his package that was taken for testicular and prostate cancer awareness. It made some people drool while others cringed, and then some just couldn't stop looking. Now, you are probably wondering: "Now, who the hell is the guy on the left?" I am so glad that you noticed! This guy, named Aydian Dowling, was actually once a "she." Can you believe it? Me either! 0000 Aydian is a transgender model and his recreation was featured in FTM magazine, and soon went viral. In addition, the hands that are in the photo are actually Aydian's wife of three years! [bctt tweet="Transgender Model Recreates Adam Levine's Popular Nude Photo And The Results Are Amazing!"] 0000 So, what was his point? There's so much stigma and sterotypes that revolve around the transgender community.

Dowling states, "We've had comments saying 'he doesn't look trans' which brings up a great point on what does trans even look like?'

"Perhaps we're struggling so hard for our rights here because people have a false sense of who we are. So besides the entertainment factor of a sexy naked man, there is a element of positive visibility too."

Aydian's day job consists of working as a baker and he's pretty damn good at it!


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